Negotiation Skills

negotiation skills


Many people believe that negotiations are "all or nothing"; and that there is one winner and one loser. This is not true. Negotiations should always bring about win-win situations.

Prior to entering formal negotiations, it is important for individuals to think about what is to be achieved from the process. Putting specific goals or desirable outcomes on paper is desirable. Next, individuals should identify alternative fall-back positions that they will be comfortable with in order to get the deal done.

The next task should be to identify (or try to identify) any potential weaknesses in the opposing party's position. This allows you it to turn the negotiations in its own favor, or at least help both parties find middle ground.

Another pre-negotiation exercise (what most people don't do), is to prepare a list of reasons why their proposal would be most beneficial to the opposing party. By specifically pointing out the advantages to both parties, the negotiator increases the odds of getting the deal done.

Ideally, each party should identify its goals and objectives at the outset. This allows each participant in the negotiation to know where the other stands. It also establishes a basis for a give-and-take conversation. At this point, each party may then offer its fall-back proposals and counter proposals in order to hammer out a deal.

If an agreement cannot be reached in one sitting or one phone call, leaving the door open to future negotiations is recommended. Further meetings can be scheduled if possible. Between negotiations, negotiators need to mentally review what took place during the early meeting. Pondering over the meeting helps the negotiator come up with fresh strategies that bring better success the next time round.

How you will benefit

  • Knowing when to negotiate and when not to negotiate.
  • Develop an ability to work out a negotiating plan.
  • Understand what behavior is best at each stage of negotiation.
  • Controlling your communication style to achieve the best result.
  • Understanding the mechanics of face-to-face negotiations or negotiations over the phone/e-mail.
  • Recognizing the ploys adopted by your Opponents and learning ways to deal with them.
  • negotiation


  • Understanding the negotiation process
  • Collecting all the facts data require to be refer to during negotiation
  • Learning about the different stages in the negotiation process.
  • How to negotiate with a team.
  • Negotiation methods, strategies and tactics.

Who should Attend

    Managers, sales executives, negotiation mediators, Brokers, Deal Makers, etc.


Program Fee : Rs 10,000/- Per Participant +12.36% S.T.