Change Management

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Change is imperative when the life is moving so fast. Company Managements needs to keep pace. During periods of significant change, people do experience uncertainty. Due to this they are highly stressed. However if they are prepared for the change; the stress and uncertainty can be mitigated. While implementing Change often organisations fail to understand the emotional impact such changes bring on the members of the team.

Sometimes there is a change in Management. Companies are sold and bought. There are mergers and acquisitions. Some of these may cause change in the organisation’s vision. The objectives are also accordingly impacted. Besides the technological advancement may also necessitate change in the Company’s outlook or way of working. Even political changes require the Management of large organizations to change accordingly.

It is Manager’s role and duty to take his team members through the proposed changes in policy and the procedures which are necessitated by the changing circumstances. In such cases the manager must have good rapport with members of his team.

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How you will benefit?

  • Managing change puts you in a position of being ready for change.
  • Developing an understanding of the kind of change required.
  • Implementing a process to navigate the change required.
  • Gaining clarity about what is being achieved – why we are changing.
  • Building commitment to work together, to bring people with you.
  • Shaping change through principles which establish how you manage change – the principles upon which change is shaped.
  • Delivering change that makes improvements.


By attending this workshop, participants will improve their capability to understand and manage organisational change. They will learn how to best roll out change within the organisation. Through the workshop, participants will:
  • Gain understanding of different theories behind (organisational) change
  • Learn how to create a case for change
  • Gain understanding of success factors of organisational change
  • Learn how to design a best-fit change approach
  • Get to know tools, templates and instruments that will help to deal with change
  • Learn to create the right infrastructure for change management
  • Practice with managing change by means of case studies

Who should attend?

CEOs, Departmental Heads, Senior Managers, Owners of Mid-sized Businesses