Business Etiquette

Business Etiquettes

Background and objectives

Today business depends on your ability to build relationship, apart from the merits of your business proposition. This means while you must be selling good products/services; it needs to be completed with your interpersonal skills. People like to connect with your if they find that you are well-manner and that your speech reflects your cultural background. The objective of the program is that participants must understand and imbibe their personality. Modern Business Etiquettes. This include developing their confidence and maintaining their poise in different situations. Today's business meetings also include lunch or dinner meetings. Therefore fine dinning etiquettes are also covered and taught as part of the training practiced.

How you will benefit

  • You will gain confidence to interact with people in different environment
  • You will be able to maintain poise even during disagreement during discussion
  • You will help the ability to remain comfortable and to make others conf in any situation
  • You will know how to develop the most suited wardrobe complementing to your personality.
  • You will learn how to make good impression in the first meeting.
  • You will telephone talk etiquettes.


    Business Etiquettes
  • Making a powerful first impression
  • Follow correct business etiquette for introduction
  • Identify and Overcome improper postures, gestures and habits
  • Learning poise; walking and talking with elegance
  • Art of making polite conversations
  • Words and phrases to avoid at all times
  • Identify territorial behavior and ways to deal with it
  • Aggressive listening skills
  • Selling ideas
  • Influencing others

Who Should Attend

Management Trainees, Senior Managers and other Company Executives