Effective Business Conversations

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Business Conversations are an extremely important part of a Business Managers function. This includes conversations in emails, on the phone, in meetings conducted or attended. How do we carry out the conversations? What about the language used to express our views? Do we realize that the language that we use is almost as important as the ideas we create to influence others. With this background we have designed this simple but significant training programme. which is guaranteed to make each day more productive and rewarding.

How You Will Benefit

  • You will learn the art of conducting effective business conversations.
  • You will learn to hold business meetings that are crisp and precise. business communication
  • You will be more focused on the creative and innovative utilization of each moment of your time
  • Your conversations will be stripped of the irrelevant references and examples to influence others.
  • Your fight within while taking a challenging decision will stop hurting you and putting you on the back foot.
  • You will leverage the dynamics of speech and your mastery over language and control over delivery.
  • You will be able to manage thoughts express them positively without any psychological strain.
  • Your will be balance difering view points with a desire to work towards an amicable solution.


  • How to prioritize your tasks?
  • How to be more interesting and creative in business conversations?
  • How to bring about elegance in routine tasks of influencing others?
  • Developing a continuous quest to improve your language and leverage the same towards your objectives.
  • How to remain open to other’s views even though you feel these are not worth of your consideration.
  • Engaging others in problem solving conversations.
  • How to create and communicate the complete message.

Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, small business owners and those engage in social development activities.