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Change is the law of Nature. Everything that is earthly must Change. And so it does. However, it needs to be understood that there has been more change in the Society in the past century than perhaps in two thousand years prior. Another striking aspect about the Change is the very rapid growth of technology. This has brought about a transformation in the business environment. Prime Products are thrown in the background by newly introduced competitive ones.

A great lesson to be learnt is - it is imperative to keep pace with the change. This also means that not only should we update the products and the services we sell, but also the way we manage these products and services. Keeping this in mind we have designed various courses to train Managers at all levels. We believe in constantly changing and updating our programs from time.

An important fact that has struck our imagination is that verbal and written communication have assumed greater importance than at any earlier time. Telephonic and Video Conferences, E-mails, Web-Casting etc, have all contributed to change the rules of business communication. In today's scenario every business leader needs to be articulate. Verbosity must give way to precision in Communication.

Clear and precise communication has several positive advantange:

  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings are avoided.
  • Higher effeciency and better productivity of team members is ensured.
  • Good interpersonal skills are positive benefits that flow from clear communication.
  • An appropriate development of Human Resources raises satisfaction and more of people.
  • The ability and willingness to shoulder responsibilities increases.
  • Employees are more relaxed, and self-assured with a balanced perspective to life and work.
  • Team members focus on USPs and ensure better sales efforts and improved results.
  • All in all, these developments result in development of a positive brand image of the Company.

Satish Kakri Consultants has played an active role in the development of soft skills training through innovative programs that cover areas of like Voice, Communication and Behavioral Skills. The Company has done pioneering work through its 'Voice Culture & Speaking Skills program that has helped hundreds of people bring about an all round improvement in their voice and communication skills. We partner with leading Companies and Institutions to ensure their Human Resources are optimised. Our Management Development Programs cater to areas of individual requirements within the context of the overall organisational requirements.

The vision of Satish Kakri Consultants is to help organisations manage and internalise change. We make a difference in people's lives.